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Information - Gemstones, Sizing Guide and Quality Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship and any faults will be rectified if returned within 7 days of receipt.

Available Gemstones

Crest Craft Military Insignia Rings offers a variety of both natural and synthetic gemstones; each of which is carefully selected from the finest quality of material to ensure superior characteristics.


Onyx is a very popular natural gemstone for men's jewellery. It has hard-wearing qualities and occurs in several colour varieties, usually banded. All Onyx set in our rings is set in flawless black.
Jade: The opaque, waxy material is usually green, but also occurs in yellow, pink or white. We use only gem-quality green stones.
Tiger Eye: The flashes of golden-yellow through the crystalline structure of the tiger eye make this one of the most attractive natural gemstones for men's dress rings. Each gemstone is unique and only specimens having rich, well balanced inclusions are used.
Carnelian: A brown-red coloured hard wearing synthetic stone that breaks away from the traditional distinctive colours.
Turquoise: An aqua-blue gemstone popular with silver and enhanced jewellery, as worn by the North American Indians, but brittle with natural flaws.
Malacite: This stone is similar to jade but is slightly darker with characteristic streaks.
($15.00 extra)
This attractive, synthetic gemstone is manufactured from carborundum and offers superior resistance. Red in colour with facet-cut on the top surface.
($15.00 extra)
The ruby stone available has the same qualities and similar colouring to garnet and is facet-cut on the top side. This stone is also available in a light colour.
Blue Sapphire:
($20.00 extra)
A hard wearing Royal Blue facet cut stone on the top side, and tapers to a point on the underside, refracting light through it.
Zirconia: A clear facet-cut synthetic stone with the appearance of a diamond.
($20.00 extra)
A light purple faceted stone, hard wearing.

Finger Sizing

The standard ring sizing for each service varies slightly but is in the range from size R to V.

If you wish us to resize the ring for you, it will only cost an extra AU $15.00 for size reductions (Please state your size when ordering). Please note that additional charges for enlargement of rings may apply to cover the cost of extra materials, particularly gold rings. This can differ depending on the extent of enlargement required.

To find your ring size we recommend the online tool at http://findmyringsize.com

Your ring may be adjusted to your exact size by a local Jeweller at a very low cost. If you are apprehensive about this aspect, phone your local Jeweller for a quote before ordering.

Your best option is to contact us when ordering to get the correct size, to save yourself any re-work.

Orders and Payments

We accept orders via the online checkout on the website and also over the phone or by email if you prefer.

We are happy for you to make payment by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash on Local Pickup or by Money Order.

Due to the custom nature of our rings we sometimes run into unexpected expenses. In these cases we will contact you with an updated quote to be agreed on before work commences.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.


The cost of shipping is $15 anywhere in Australia and from $20 for overseas orders. We reserve the right to quote a custom shipping price in cases where freight is unexpectedly high.

If you require shipping insurance please specify at time of ordering. Safe delivery is out of our hands once sent, we cannot be held responsible for missed deliveries or theft of orders.